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Manufactured in Ontario


Manufactured in Ontario to ANSI 320-2012 CANADIAN STANDARDS

CAN/CSA 086-09

CSA 0112.10-08

CSA 0141-05 (R2009)

CSA 0177-06


NLGA SPS 1 - 2011

NLGA SPS 2 -2010

NLGA SPS 4 - 2011

NLGA SPS 6 - 2010




a division of Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc.a division of Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc.


Guardian gives you the option of replacing cast in place concrete with composite basement walls that feature

  • structural walls typically 178mm thick ......concrete typically thicker
  • robust and durable design includes stud cavities for mechanical
  • mechanical can be run vertically or horizontally
  • design is stud framing interior with plywood exterior all encapsulated in composite 
  • headers can be included in the framing design
  • includes top plates on stud framing
  • walls are modular in height and length 
  • inherent insulation value of R16
  • inherent vapour barrier
  • window, door cavities for on site installation
  • immune to water ingress and requires no waterproofing membrane
  • fire resistant/compliant with code
  • one fifth weight of concrete for ease shipping, handling, constructability
  • air tight construction including between floor/foundation
  • does not need to be covered with thermal barrier prior to occupancy.
  • can be installed in nearly any soil type
  • can be installed by anyone skilled in trade, with minimal supervision in 3 hours
  • Set walls with bracing and fastened with Simpson Strong ties on top a conventional concrete footer or Composite footer which anchor the wall to the footer prior to pouring the concrete slab or a composite slab.
  • composite finish produces a surface that can be sanitized
  • inherently durable against mold and mildew due to thermoset resin
  • large prefab elements speed up installation time
  • conforms to the building code
  • shop drawings with P.Eng stamps for every province, territory
  • Guaranteed not to delaminate, crack 

 Since 1994 Guardian is well known for fiberglass composite bridges.

The Canadian Code allows for Pressure Treated Wood Basements and Guardian encapsulates these elements to produce a superior value added product.