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Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc.


Manufactured in Ontario to ANSI 320-2012 CANADIAN STANDARDS

CAN/CSA 086-09

CSA 0112.10-08

CSA 0141-05 (R2009)

CSA 0177-06


NLGA SPS 1 - 2011

NLGA SPS 2 -2010

NLGA SPS 4 - 2011

NLGA SPS 6 - 2010




a division of Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc.a division of Guardian Bridge Rapid Construction Inc.

Since 1994 Guardian has been a leader in value added wood engineered for bridge applications with typical loads from 62 to 110 tons live loads which is so strong its replacing reinforced concrete in the building and construction industry.

Our Cross Laminated Mats for access, crane and rig mats are strong, stiff and durable while substantially reducing shipping costs due to the lower weight high strength.... saving you money and time.

STOP USING BOLTED MATS ......and  use cross laminated wood mats that are glued together and considered monolithic with the advantage of  distributing the heaviest weights symmetrically or evenly over more of an area than traditional mats.



  • Twice the strength of a traditional bolted mat
  • 5 times stiffer than a traditional bolted mat
  • 100% less bolts than a traditional bolted mat
  • has a solid top as a safe surface with no trip hazards
  • glue laminated which repels moisture
  • no bolts or nails with a reduction in tire damage
  • lightweight and cost effective
  • mats do not waffle, diamond or deform if mishandled
  • twice as many crane and access mats per truck 
  • replaceable connection elements on access mats
  • identification tags to assist with inventory management and tractability


Guardian CLT Mat weight comparison

Guardian CLT mat comparison weightsGuardian CLT mat comparison weights